Lovers do not notice where they are, do not notice that they repeat themselves. It isn’t repetition, anyway—it’s reassurance. And when you’re holding back and speaking in code, no conversation is boring, because the empty spaces are filled by your desires." - Roger Ebert

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"If we ever go ahead with that Lovecraft amusement park we’ve talked about previously, I’d like to design a whack-a-mole that just has, instead of moles, it’d be just islands emerging from the pacific and you have to smack them down before they get written about in somebody’s journal."
- Chad Fifer, (via spacekace)

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What Kind of Worker Is a Writer? - The New Yorker

Though access to education has improved for women and for members of the working class (categories that intersect) the lessons of “Silences” still resonate. Women still perform more housework; colleges still favor the economically privileged. We may wonder about the literature that could be made by “silenced people,” who, in Olsen’s words, are “consumed in the hard everyday essential work of maintaining human life.” Writing, Olsen reminded her readers, takes time, education, energy, and resources, and these things are unevenly distributed. She encouraged us to attend to unorthodox writing produced in unfavorable circumstances—letters, diaries, scrapbooks like her own—and, in doing so, to question what counts as literature.

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This is one of the most incredible pieces of non-fiction/memoir I’ve ever read. Please, please pay close attention to the trigger warning attached to this—it is an incredible and moving read, but it is also sick, sad, and infuriating. 

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