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What I love about this is that it showcases how completely opposite Hobbit and Dwarf culture are.

When a hobbit speaks to you directly— in a matter that could be construed as rude, no less— it’s a big deal. A big freakin’ deal. So he can’t even bring himself to expressing his displeasure at having his house hijacked by a bunch of foreign strangers without adding an apologetic disclaimer. This is the face of a hobbit who has been pushed to frustration, and that’s pretty damn rare.

Then Dwarves. They’re tough as nails and hard around the edges. It takes a hell of a lot to offend them, and even more than that to admit your own guff and apologize— so when somebody does apologize, you take it seriously. Even if you weren’t actually listening to whatever preceded that apology. Even if you don’t think it was worth apologizing for. That shit is serious business, and you take it seriously, yo. 

This is culture clash at its finest, reduced to two words.

In short: Peter Jackson’s a genius.

It is really good writing, but I just want to emphasise that Peter Jackson does not write these scripts alone. He has two collaborators, Fran Walsh (who is also his wife) and Philippa Boyens, and the three of them also wrote the screenplays for the Lord of the Rings trilogy together. While Peter Jackson is highly visible as the director of the films, and Walsh prefers to stay out of the limelight, I just never want their contribution to the Middle-Earth films to be overlooked. 

Because they’re great.

#not to mention the noises the Ringwraiths make were partly recorded by Fran Walsh #because she can make weird noises and I think that’s great #I like a woman with a way with words and an unearthly shriek

this information pleases me beyond words, thank you

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the best playlist. the best night vale playlist. the best of all possible worlds in this small desert community.

"The [Writing] Workshop was like a muffin tin you poured the batter of your dreams into. You entered with something undefined and tantalizingly protean and left with muffins."

-"The Pyramid Scheme," Eric Bennett, MFA vs NYC  (via maureen-rose)

From my main JCU gal Maureen

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"My study-office is near the front of the house. There are full-size windows that let me see who’s coming and going. I have a customized L-shaped worktable and a comfortable black swivel chair. Over the desk are photos and memorabilia from projects I’ve worked on. To my right is a gas fireplace and a mantle with three Al Hirschfeld drawings—two of me in "Star Trek" and one when I appeared on Broadway in "Equus." On shelves are a number of my photographs that are in several museums’ collections.

There are no Spock uniforms in my closet, but I’m totally comfortable with the character now. There was a time many years ago when I was concerned that the three years I spent playing him on TV would overshadow my career. I’m grateful for Spock. As someone who grew up Jewish in Boston, I was always “the other”—an alien. So I get it.

Sitting on my desk is a small black box with a glass window. Inside is a pair of pointed ears. These are the ear tips I wore on final day of shooting for the TV show. I had them mounted. From time to time, I meet people who give me the “Star Trek” treatment. I don’t mind. Fortunately, no one has asked me to beam them up lately.”

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